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Hi there beautiful soul!                   

I'm Diane Diaz, Grief Educator, Consultant, Author & Speaker.


You are hurting badly. You are tired and you don’t know how you are going to keep going. 

You have already heard “you need to be strong, they are in a better place, time heals all wounds or it is time to move on”.

You feel lonely, misunderstood and unsupported in your grief and you don’t know where you are headed.

You worry you are a burden especially if you speak of your loved one and tell people how much you miss them. 

You probably even resent how others go on living, smiling and celebrating milestones; while you are at a complete standstill feeling like the world is spinning around you. It’s hard to witness others happiness when you feel so miserable.

People, friends and family have begun to avoid you. They don’t know what to say. When they speak, they say all the wrong things and usually it’s hurtful.

You are wondering how you will ever get through this or even if you deserve to. You don’t want to live without your special person and it is hard to believe that they are really gone.

You are not sure if you are going crazy.

You sleep, eat, work and talk too much, not enough or not at all.

One minute you want to be with people and the next you want to be alone.

You want a sign,  and you feel your loved ones’ presence and you have NO idea what to do with all of this!

You are desperate, anxious, angry, sad, relieved at times and feel depressed in others. 

You HATE this new normal, it is overwhelming and unsettling. In it you have lost part of who you used to be. 

Those who enter the grief wellness center can expect to find a sacred space for sharing thoughts, feelings and words that aren’t always welcomed around family, friends and social circles.

This is a place where clients say, “thank you for just listening ”. The tone in their voice changes when they realize what they are going through is normal, that they can honor grief however or whenever it presents. There is a sense of relief when they learn that there are terms for the things they are actually experiencing. They experience the physical tension melt away when they learn that there is a name for the type of grief they are experiencing. 

Healing grief from a significant loss or death is a process that requires the discovery of inner wisdom. Mindful grieving is the journey the heart and mind takes to achieve it. Self-compassion and gentle exploration, helps remind us that grief is essential to reconcile the hurt. Everyone experiences grief differently; your pain, your heart can heal. The grieving process serves us by helping to answer questions, deal with confusion, guilt, anger and sadness among other overwhelming emotions.

The MOST fulfilling part of what I do is to witness the post traumatic growth an individual experiences as they take back their life as they grieve. I feel privileged to do this work. 

If you are like me, like them, like all of us in grief, you just want to feel connected, like you belong, like you are loved and understood again. You are searching for that empathetic ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on. You wish you had a grief companion so you don’t have to do this all alone. You know all you need is someone to not try to fix your grief or make it better, just to support you and guide you. You just want someone to talk to uncensored and who won’t judge you. You want peace, you seek some joy and most of all you want to escape the daily pain of your sorrow. 

I want you to know this: you are not crazy and you are not selfish for wanting to tell your story. Experiencing all of these emotions and thoughts are normal when you have lost a loved one. Wanting relief from the suffering is human and it doesn’t mean you have to leave or want to leave your loved one behind.  You will never forget them and they will forever be part of your story and your life. 

Seeking help is courageous. We are ALL surprised how much we struggle when we experience grief.

I know it is hard to believe right now that someday the duration and the intensity of how you feel, could actually be tolerable. You will be able to survive this. You will feel joy again without feeling guilty or ashamed about it. You will be able to bring your loved one in to your daily living without feeling sad all the time. You will still miss them and love them and live a life that you get to determine despite that. You are an empathetic and compassionate beautiful soul whose physical disconnect from your loved one will find a resting place to feel at home.

I'm Diane D. Rodriguez, Grief Educator, Bereavement Coach & Consultant, Writer & Speaker in Melbourne, FL & Brevard County Areas

I help people find their way through grief. I help individuals like you heal their matters of their heart, mind, body and soul as they mindfully grieve and discover meaningful living. You too can discover meaningful living through everyday grieving.

If you are tired of suffering and doing it alone, but you are not sure if you are ready to do the grief work, I encourage you to take advantage of a free 20 - minute consultation to see what the next best step for you could be in your grief.

 "Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it." 

                                                           Hellen Keller