Are We a Good Fit?


Diane Diaz, Grief Educator, Consultant, Author & Speaker.

You might be wondering are we a good fit?

If you are someone who is struggling with dealing with loss, finding meaning, and finding balance,  I welcome the opportunity to walk with you in this period of your life.  I help people who have wondered if this is as good as it gets. I help those who hold themselves back because they have doubt, don’t know how to maximize their God-given potential, and don't know how to manifest their intentions. I help individuals find balance and squash that nagging voice of self-doubt, guilt, and who struggle with their beliefs. I guide them to deepen their self-exploration so that they can honor the balance they are seeking in the areas affected by grief in their heart, mind, body and soul. When harmony is achieved within that, other areas of concern with family, friends, work, etc, naturally follow. I know from my own path to wellness that change challenges us to step out of our comfort zone, I acknowledge it can be scary, a vulnerable place and can at times be overwhelming. Because of this, I have a tremendous amount of respect for the process, the courage it takes to look deep inside, to do soul work, and grief work as you are taking on the transformation towards change. You are welcome here, you can belong here but only if you want to.

How I would hope you feel

I hope you not only feel safe, I hope like the many others I have worked with, that you feel heard and understood. The purpose of our time together is that when you leave our work together you have the skills to live a meaningful life despite your grief.  A life where grief is incorporated in your daily living but not in control of you or your life. Let's be honest you won't get over this, there is no getting over this, that is the biggest myth that we have been conditioned to believe. What will happen is that you will get through this, you will be forever changed by this experience and you can live a life with joy again. You can do that without feeling guilty, ashamed or whatever you believe. I will guide you with compassion and grace while teaching you the skills to do the same. Together you can get to a place where you find balance, confidence, renewed self love and meaning. Rabbi Rami Shapiro (2016) said "life has meaning because we humans are meaning makers" (p.18). I would be honored to assist you. I became a grief expert personally and professionally and I hope to encourage your transformation, to help in the laboring of the grief process, and help you to find what your heart, mind, body and soul seeks. What does that mean? That means it may be found in peace, love, acceptance, forgiveness and understanding. Since I get that there can be so much more, you decide, you define it.  Mostly though, my intention for you, is to help you feel empowered to honor your self in the moment, in this stage and in the feeling of the here and now, where ever or what ever that is for you. 

What is my approach?

While this may be more background stuff and not so important to you, one day you may wish to understand it better. During my clinical days I used EMDR interventions to help those with trauma, PTSD and complicated grief. I practiced transpersonal psychology, also referred to as the humanistic approach. Within that spectrum, my approach was client-centered and wellness centered.

That means that this is all about you and your well being. 

In our time together there will be plenty of time to tell your story if you want to. You will experience the discovery of the use of other methods of expression to help you find the words to what you are experiencing when your words fail you.  

What this means for you is that my clinical experience as a therapist will help you best discern if therapy would be a better option than coaching. Rest assured that if a referral needs to be done, it will be an intentional one amongst the many professionals that I know like and trust.

I enjoy the use of experiential techniques as it encompasses a wellness model that allows discovery by actions that engage holistically with a perspective that views you, the person as a whole being.  Experiential means that guidance is provided to encourage  you to be involved with actions, movements and activities rather than exclusively focusing on telling your story.  It also provides an opportunity for me to compassionately guide you in identifying and addressing hidden emotions or thoughts through the use of role-playing, journaling, imagery, music, mindfulness techniques or other expressive modalities.

These active interventions help facilitate the resolution of painful emotions, increased self-esteem, and with connecting more deeply with feelings. This also allows you to have a better understanding in how you experience the world and helps you to gain insight on how your worldviews influence your thoughts, behaviors and interactions. This is what enables change.

My coaching provides gentle direction in mindful grieving. My hope is that the guidance you receive will help lead you to discover how to heal your heart from grief, help strengthen relationships and improve your personal development.  It focuses on mindful grieving (being in the moment without judgement) through everyday living. 

What do you need to do?

Often the most difficult and courageous step after realizing you may need help is to decide to get it. When you are ready, I invite you to take the leap of faith, be willing to explore, be genuine, be kind to yourself and allow yourself to just be. There's no judgement here, you deserve to invest in your well-being. I want to encourage you to follow your intuition, your deep rooted desire for more and your primal need to feel connected to something more.

I wonder what would happen if you gave yourself permission to try something different, to acknowledge that you have done the best you can and that seeking help is a tool to help you cope and grow in a healthy way? This type of work is powerful, it requires purposeful intention, it is empowering and it is within you!

I believe that living life, loving life, and living in love, will help you live life changed. Those simple acts can change the world. Change happens when you are able to be kind to your self, raise your awareness and cultivate your mindfulness.

What if you are not ready?

No problem, sharing and having your grief witness can be intimidating and brings forth a big sense of vulnerability. The thought of the unknown may be scary and might even create some anxiety. Perhaps talking about it will make it "real" and you are just not ready to make the loss "real." Know that part of the offering is being able to understand and learn about grief so that you are better equipped to know what the best next step for you is, for some that is therapy.  As mentioned before the process is different for everyone and the best timing is your timing. Some of my offerings are available through newsletters, blogs and a Facebook forum. In these offerings you can learn more, hear stories and share thoughts within the safe place of your own environment. There is no right, true or wrong way to do grief. The offerings can help you get a sense of what grief work is and answer questions you might not be ready to ask or haven't thought of asking.

I want to warn you that if you are experiencing the raw emotions and reliving the moment in a manner that disrupts your everyday health, life, tasks and social or family environment in my professional opinion you should be seeking help regardless of where you go or who you decide to work with, YOU are important and you MATTER. Know that there is help and you do not need to do this alone.