Our Work Together

photo courtesy of pexels

photo courtesy of pexels

The Comprehensive Support Private 1:1 Program

With Diane Diaz, Grief Educator, Consultant, Author & Speaker.

This support is for an 8 week term. 

In the packages you will receive individual consulting, coaching and grief education including at a minimum:

Custom Individual Bereavement Coaching Plan

& Private 1:1 calls

*Additional bonuses as outlined per selected bereavement coaching plan.

Here is what we will cover together:

1) (YOUR HISTORY OF LOSS & OTHER INVENTORIES) Your history of loss inventory allows for a better understanding of the series of losses that have occurred in your life until the present moment in a brief and detailed way. A closer look will also be taken to explore how your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, spirituality and meanings are experienced after your loss. 

2) (DEFINITIONS & MINDFUL GRIEVING) We will review the definitions and common terminology used in grief work so that you can better understand how you can accomplish mindful grieving through the examining of your emotions and thoughts; as well as, understanding how your values, your exposure to loss, and how your loss history has helped lay the foundation for your grief work and presentations now.

3) (INDIVIDUAL BEREAVEMENT COACHING PLAN) We will review your history of loss and inventory results to ascertain your coping skills and get crystal clear about not only WHAT you want to achieve but exactly HOW you can best be supported to achieve your goals. A look into your values and belief systems will allow for our work together to easily integrate into the lifestyle and amazing talents you already have.

4) (SELF-CARE) We will dive deep into your current grief philosophy to identify healthy coping skills and areas of growth. A review of the five areas of stress management will aid to see where tweaks can be made to reinforce your self-care, reduce your grief stress, the time spent spinning your wheels and offer the highest level of transformation and support for the goals you wish to achieve. We will also work on how to do it all without feeling overwhelmed and with plenty of time for other domains in your life.

5) (HOW GRIEF MANIFESTS) We will map out exactly how grief manifests in your heart, mind, body, soul and social environments so that you can identify how to achieve balance and maximize your soul healing so that you can discover meaningful living despite your everyday grieving.

6) (DIVING DEEP INTO SOUL HEALING) We will honor your grief story by making small shifts with your new knowledge as we work and help you master one thing at a time so that you can engage your grief without your grief mastering you. Soul healing will allow grief to direct your learning, not your living; while using the innate abilities that you already have.