The Mindful Grieving Journal


Meaningful living despite everyday grieving is possible as you heal your matters of your heart, mind, body and soul. The Mindful Grieving Journal is an interactive tool designed to aid in you, in working through your grief with specific prompts, creative activities and grief information so you can understand the normal and natural parts of  the grief process.  It is a place where you can share your grief story at the comfort of your own pace, share it with a professional, return to it for reflective thinking or just a place to chronicle aspects of your loss as much or as little as you want. Retailing at $29.99, it is a labor of 120+ pages of love.* 

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* Refund Policy

Due to the PDF nature of the Mindful Grieving Journal refunds are not offered. Refunds will not be authorized if you decide you no longer want the journal. It is your responsibility to make an informed decision before you purchase the journal. I welcome your questions, comments or concerns about this offering, please send an email as I would love to support you in making the best informed decision for your needs.