Event Speaking

with Diane Diaz, Grief Educator, Consultant, Author & Speaker.

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Sensitivity training is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Most people feel uncomfortable supporting the bereft because they are afraid of creating more hurt, doing it wrong or they just simply don't know what to say. With a little guidance the dialogue of what grief is and how to best support it becomes normalized and the long standing patterns of avoidance can be reduced and eliminated. Helping the bereft heal their matters of their heart, mind, body and soul as they partake in meaningful living through everyday living is a beautiful thing to witness. Dare I even say, it can be humors too. It's extraordinary to see someone laugh again and be okay with it. 

In this grief illiterate and avoidant nation, one of the things I am most passionate about is grief education. If you have ever felt uncomfortable supporting the bereft, don't know if there are stages, phases or grief pathways and are scared of saying and doing all the wrong things, then these workshops are for you. 

Guiding individuals as they heal through grief is an act of compassionate service that allows the bereft to feel connected, understood, loved and to experience a renewed sense of joy and belonging. 

Compassionate connections don't have to be all doom and gloom. That's why I am the go to person for grief education. Workshops are interactive and experiential.

My mission is to guide people in finding meaning after loss, strengthening relationships that suffer because of grief and enhancing the skills for individuals, professionals and caregivers to companion those in grief. How will I do this? By teaching the masses! I can't imagine doing anything else. Join me now, hit the button below and schedule your time to connect with me. I look forward to listening.