Grief Support Made Easy: A Facilitators’ Guide to Mindful Grieving


Grief work can be scary or at the very least intimidating. I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you and explore how you can level up your practice with the amazing skills you already posses. Together we can dig a little deeper on what the next best steps for you in grief work are.

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I’m looking for entrepreneurial therapists who are motivated to really know what grief work is about, who want to know how understanding grief can impact and bring their practice to another level, and who don’t want to lose a client because of the fear of doing it wrong or not having the practical tools and interventions to support them.

This is for the therapists who feels deeply and sometimes gets overwhelmed by wanting to help but doesn’t feel confident in how to best provide the help grievers needs.

This is for the therapist who has experienced the death of a client, witnessed a friend, family member or colleague suffer a significant loss and who has ever wondered what are the best resources to help those in grief.

This is also for the therapist who seeks guidance from their therapist tribe hoping that the resources that have been provided are vetted because it comes from a community that they know, like and trust.

This is not for the therapist that is seeking a certification in grief counseling through this course, this program isn’t developed for that, yet.

If you struggle with saying I’m sorry for your loss because it doesn’t sound authentic, you aren’t sure where the line crosses from normal grief into complicated grief and hate that feeling of the client who got away because you had to refer out; then I invite you to explore if this e-course is for you.

It’s time to ditch the shame and worry about doing it wrong. It’s time to answer those questions about how you can strengthen the amazing skills you already possess.

Time to squash the never ending questions about how others do it and begin to empower yourself to help grieving with your own style and pizzazz.  

I’ll be honest I’ve been on the giving and receiving end of grief avoidance both personally and professionally and I know first hand how crappy it feels.  That is why I am giving you the behind the scenes access to my practice and my experience with complicated and pervasive grief; so you can keep your clients, feel confident in supporting this part of their needs and understand grief at a deeper level while taking the pressure off of you believing you are doing it wrong.

The Grief Support Made Easy: A Facilitators’ Guide to Mindful Grieving Course is a 7 module comprehensive course that covers:

*Grief work and the secure foundation – grief patterns, natural and normal reactions and when the foundation is shaken, stressed and broken

*The client, the master story teller- honoring the process and witnessing the pivot

*It’s complicated – pervasive grief, predictors, diagnosis, intensity and duration, danger signs

*Existentially difficult – development, mindsets and the seeking of relief

*Manifesting the reality – how grief manifests in all domains

*When interpersonal therapy isn’t enough – psychoeducation, assessments, resources, interventions and meaning making

*Counselor know thy self – Self-care to side step burn out, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma

What else you get:

Weekly instructional videos- to help clarify the weekly lesson and why the philosophies and steps are important for the implementation in your practice so that you can be confident and successful as you put them into action.

Access to the Compassionate Connectors Tribe Community where the course will be available in a secret forum exclusively for class participants and alumni to share, discuss and celebrate milestones with like-minded, like-hearted compassionate therapists like you. 

Bonuses that will include: 

* Forever access to upgrades and course instruction

*Videos from other experts in the field speaking to the specific audience and grief work they do and who can also share their offerings (parenting the grieving child, maternal mental health and perinatal loss, attachment and trauma, and military family dynamics with grief and more.* Access to assessments

*The mindful grieving journal as an interactive tool to explore the grief story through journal prompts and conscious writing

*7 Weekly ask me anything in a closed forum exclusively for participants and alumni. 

*Alumni discounts and insider announcements

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Refund Policy

Due to the nature of The Facilitators’ Guide to Mindful Grieving refunds are not offered. Refunds will not be authorized if you decide you no longer want to participate in the course. It is your responsibility to make an informed decision before you purchase the program, I highly recommend watching the free webinar. I welcome your questions, comments or concerns about this offering, please send an email as I would love to support you in making the best informed decision for your needs.

Not ready to commit no problem! I understand that investing into grief work isn’t for everybody. I’m grateful you joined us this far. Ask to join the Compassionate Connectors conversation for free by clicking the button below.